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1. What's Veedez?

Veedez is a business management platform that gives you all the tools you need to manage and grow your business in one place. Veedez is designed for businesses of all sizes and comes with inventory management, payment processing, marketplace, business banking, and more.

2. Is Veedez free to use?

While there is a free plan with limited tools on Veedez, Veedez offers competitive rates and pricing plans with robust tools and features. If you are still deciding which pricing plan to choose, then register for a free trial to see how Veedez can help you sell and grow your business.

3. How can I start using Veedez? Do I need to download the software?

Veedez is a cloud-based solution that works on your computer and has a mobile app version that you can install on Android and Apple devices. Once you sign up on Veedez, your account will be created. Your login is based on the email you used to sign up, and you can create your unique password. You can reset your password directly on the login screen if needed.

4. Do I need my BVN or any means of Identification card to open a Veedez account?

No, you do not need to provide your BVN or any other form of identification to open an account. You only need your email address and phone number.

5. Does my business have to be registered with CAC to use Veedez?

No, it does not.

6. Does Veedez help with business registration?

Not available yet.

7. Can I have different users managing my account?

Absolutely! You can create multiple users, giving them different roles and permissions to access your platform. Kindly note that your plan limits the number of users you can create. Check out pricing to find which suits your business needs.

8. How can I change my password?

You can change your password from the general tab on your profile.
Step 1 - Go to www.veedez.com
Step 2 - Click login
Step 3 - Enter your mobile number or email address, and click continue
Step 4 - Click "Forgot Password" and follow the instructions

9. How long will it take to get trained on how to use Veedez?

Veedez is easy to use, and you and your staff need no training to set up and use. But if you need help, our customer service reps are always ready to help. You can send an email to support@veedez.com.

10. Do I have to use every feature and tool on Veedez?

No, you can use the tools you need to help you manage your business.

11. How do I upgrade to a premium plan?

Step 1: Click on Manage Business on the left side of your dashboard.
Step 2: Click on Billing, then proceed to upgrade to a paid plan of your choice.

12. How do I download the Veedez mobile App?

To download the Veedez app on your smartphone, go to Google Play or the iOS App Store, search for 'Veedez' and click the download/install button.

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